Our family commitment to your comfort.


Ours is a business that has been in the family for years. My father before me, and my brother for a long time. We know all about the best sleeping conditions and enough about spring systems, wool counts and the minutae of bed construction to bore you silly at a party.

This is something we’ve lived and breathed as a family for decades. Our passion is our beds. That’s why we try to make them the very best we can. (And that’s why so many of our customers come back ten or twenty years later for their next bed…)

We’re in the factory. I’m out on the shop floor talking to people about their sleep habits and how we can get them a better night’s sleep so they wake more refreshed and energised.

It’s something we’ve been doing for a great many years and I like to think it shows in terms of our commitment and our quality.


For thirty years I’ve been consumed by the goal of creating New Zealand’s best beds. Beds that people come home and collapse into at the end of a hard day. Beds that those same people wake up in the next morning refreshed and feeling alive and full of energy. Beds that form such an important part of our day.

I can honestly say that we put our heart and soul into every bed we make. And, having slept on all the models we make, I can add that they all offer something beyond purely practical considerations. They add to your quality of life. Isn’t that what it’s really all about?


We’re not a big international company that’s more interested in returns to its shareholders and investors than it is in its customers. We don’t have a sophisticated, automated production line.

INSTEAD we talk and listen to our customers and our retailers. We source the best materials and carefully handmake every bed. Then we ask people what they think, how they sleep and how we can improve what we do. It’s something we’ve been doing for a long time now and it’s an approach that seems to work.

I believe people care about quality. About the integrity of the product. At Dreamwool, so do we.