Dreamwool Merino Wool Baby Mattresses

We have been making wool mattresses for 40 years and the one comment made by mothers time after time is; how well their baby sleeps on a Dreamwool mattress! Now your baby can sleep in even more luxury with all our mattresses having 100% Pure Merino Wool inside.

Merino Wool is natures best fibre for sleeping on. Basically, wool wraps you in a “natural comfort zone” by absorbing moisture and regulating temperature. Your baby will have a more restful sleep if it’s not being disturbed by the climatic fluctuations in temperature and humidity that occur during the day, as it gets hotter and colder at different times. And if the baby sleeps better you will too, knowing that the super fine Merino has effectively created a mini micro-climate keeping your baby warm and comfortable.

We know as adults the need for good quality sleep, for a baby it’s even more important as they yet cannot control their environment, this is where wool naturally controls it for them. Dreamwool mattresses are generously filled with Merino Wool, unlike others that offer no more than a handful wool with no real benefit for your baby.

Original Cot mattress

Nestle into a luxurious hand tufted natural wool top containing 1550gms of Pure Merino wool to comfort and insulate your baby with the benefits of having a healthy sleep. Covered in a super stretch Bamboo fabric to allow for even greater comfort.

Underneath the wool is 100mm of natural rubber latex for support and durability. Latex has been proven to be antibacterial and dust free, helpful in eliminating problems experienced by asthma and allergy sufferers.

Read more about the benefits of wool for Mother & baby here: IWTO_Wool & Babies.pdf

Latex & Wool Cot mattress

Slightly firmer in feel with  775gms of Pure Merino wool quilted into a stretch fabric.  Underneath is 100mm of natural rubber latex for support and durability.

Merino Wool Bassinet mattress

With over 1100gms of Pure Merino Wool in our handmade Bassinet mattress your baby will nestle in for a more comfortable and longer sleep. All Natural fillings makes for more comfort, good support and a healthy sleep with the natural insulation of Merino wool your baby will sleep better.

Give your baby the most luxurious sleep you can…

We make special sizes mattresses in all our ranges.