Ergosleep (Unique, like you)


ergo-sleep Knowing that you sleep well

Ergosleep has been developed based on medical and scientific data and has emerged in a comparative scientific study as the best sleeping system.

Each pair of slats in an Ergosleep slatted base is adjusted in height according to the sleeper’s figure so that it perfectly fits to the sleeper’s body.

In order to achieve these ideal sleeping settings, the five essential parts of your body:

  • The head
  • The shoulders
  • The loins
  • The pelvis and
  • The legs

These areas are measured in detail in the Ergosleep testing studio. The computer maps out your DNA (personal physical profile) and draws the slat pattern on the screen.

This drawing allows the slat pairs that are adjusted in height, to be set in a correct way. Now, your Ergosleep slats are completely adjusted to your body. They will give your body space and extra support where necessary. The body experiences no strain at all and can maintain its natural shape.

Urges to wake up

Head and neck poorly supported

The small vertebrae in the neck are very sensitive. If the neck is not sufficiently supported, this can often lead to neck pain and stiffness. It can even be a cause of headaches.

Pressure on the shoulders

ergosleep-slatWhen lying on your side, the very pronounced profile of the shoulders has to be compensated for. If that is not possible, the shoulders experience pressure on account of their unnatural position. Moreover, as a consequence, the position of your neck and head is too low causing a curved spinal column.

Insufficient support under the lumber

The lumber is hollow and must be filled so that the muscles can better support the backbone. This applies both when lying on you side and back.

Pressure on the hips

The shape of the hips also has to be compensated for in bed. Otherwise there is increased pressure on the hips and the lumber would not then be supported.

When that happens, the body looks for another position, which leads to you sleeping restlessly.

Legs not lying correctly

Your legs get smaller as you get from your hips to your feet. So on a flat bed, they lie too low down. The pelvis and backbone adopt a poor position. The blood circulation is also disrupted, which leads to legs finding it hard to relax.

Deep Sleep

Slats in the highest position – Head and neck supported

Slats in lowest position – The jut of the shoulders can be compensated for so that the head and neck are positioned correctly.

Slats in the high position – The curve of the lumbar is filled by which the backbone is given the correct amount of support.

Slats in the low position – The pelvis has enough space, which removes any pressure. The lower back can then lie in the correct position.

Slats in the highest position – Because the legs are higher, the pelvis is in a natural position and so the backbone stays straight. The muscles in the legs and the blood vessels also enjoy maximum relaxation, which promotes circulation.

A pressure-free environment

ergosleep03Relaxing totally.

That’s what you do when you’re reading a fascinating book. When you take time to dream the day away over a delicious cup of coffee, or when you stretch out and watch your favourite show. And it would be ideal if you could feel that way when you emerge from the serenity of your bedroom.

Well, now you can.

Because the Ergosleep slatted bed base has a whole range of setting, so that in no time at all, your bed can change into a recliner chair, with the correct ergonomics and back support, so that you can relax totally and enjoy the maximum amount of rest in the bedroom.

Absolute ergonomics

  • Customised Slats
  • Easily adjustable supporting arms, 4 possible heights
  • Easily adjustable to a different body contour
  • Elastic bending slats and supporting arms for a active support
  • Extremely durable shape memory suspension
  • Functional side comfort (no hard zone in the middle)
  • Extend-able back part for optimal seating comfort
  • Adjustable leg rest with 3 different positions

Frame Optionsergo-sleep02

  • Luxury Recliner has 4 motors for adjustable back, head, upper and lower leg positions, plus memory settings, power cut off feature and infra-red remote control.
  • Power Recliner has 2 motors for adjustable back and leg positions with power cut off feature.
  • P4 has 4 height adjustments in its contoured profile.
  • P1 has a contoured profile with no adjustments.

Mattress Options

  • Pocketspring mattress comes in soft, medium and firm support. The soft touch spring unit with its extra turns in each spring give a luxurious cushioning feel and support. The gauge of wire changes to provide 3 completely different feels as you lie into the natural wool and latex comfort layers. Your mattress has a zip off top and is designed to easily contour with the Customised frame or Recliner mechanism
  • Pure Latex mattress comes in soft, medium and firm density latex. With 3 completely different feels as you lie into the natural wool and 180mm latex comfort layer giving you that fitting European feel. Your mattress has a zip off top and is designed to easily contour with the Customised frame or Recliner mechanism
  • Mattresses and frames have a 10 year warranty.
  • Recliner motors have a separate 5 year warranty.