Euphoria Mattress



The Dreamwool Euphoria mattress is the ultimate in luxury. With layers of Micro-coils & Micro-pocketsprings combined with natural latex and pure Merino wool you are cocooned in luxury.

Enjoy the improved sleeping comfort and air flow through the mattress and experience a levitating effect, with full body comfort. Superior ventilation and resiliency is achieved with the Micro-coil pocketsprings and the 100% pure Merino wool. This combination adapts to the body’s micro climate to better control temperature and humidity, necessary for a more balanced comfort and better sleep throughout the night. Offering real benefit for hot sleepers and those seeking relief from pressure points.

Merino wool fibre is coiled and springy, trapping millions of tiny air pockets. This creates wool’s thermal insulation by absorbing and releasing moisture giving you a dryer, healthy and more comfortable environment in which to sleep in.

Feel the difference of a Dreamwool mattress with the Levitation system, there’s no comparison…


  • Micro coil Levitation system
  • Original Spinks Micro-coils
  • 666/m2 or 4000+ Micro-coils inside a Queen size mattress
  • Stainless Steel Micro-coil pocketsprings in the Woollen Quilt
  • 100% natural 38mm latex comfort layer
  • 100% pure Merino wool
  • Queen size mattress contains over 10kgs of Merino wool, a King size 11.5kgs & Super King 12.5kgs
  • Two full size Danish made micro pocketspring units with approximately 1000 individually heat tempered encased pocket springs per square
  • Steel edge band prevents movement and maintains the correct flexing action of the
  • “Purotex” Probiotic fabric treatment cleans up bed mite allergens & inhibits development of undesirable bacteria & mould
  • Dust repellant, anti-static fabric
  • Available in medium and firm comfort with different spring gauges
  • Zip-off wool underquilt for airing & cleaning
  • Foam & glue free
  • No synthetic fillings
  • 10 Year Pro-rata Warranty