Icon Mattress

“Start here for a better sleep with    100% natural fillings.”


The Dreamwool Icon is our original pocket spring mattress, with its generous layers of hand tufted 100% pure Merino wool and natural latex.

With its three distinct feels, you will find your comfort and support. Its pocket spring system helps reduce pressure points and partner disturbance.

Free of synthetic fillings, glues and hot foams you will enjoy a cooler mattress.

With 100% pure Merino wool experience better year-round comfort with its greater fibre density (with over 5 kgs of wool in a Queen size mattress) maintaining its loft with minimal settling.

Wool’s remarkable structure allows moisture vapour to penetrate it, while at the same time, repelling liquid moisture. It’s absorbent; but allows moisture to readily evaporate. The wool fibres are coiled and springy, trapping millions of tiny air pockets. This creates wool’s thermal insulation. So, as you sleep and release moisture vapour, wool responds by absorbing this – giving you a drier, healthier and more comfortable environment in which to sleep.

Feel the difference of a Dreamwool mattress, there’s no comparison…


  • Has a firmer contour
  • Minimal partner disturbance
  • Ideal for both flexible and solid slat beds
  • Superior seasonal comfort and health benefits with over 1700gms/m2 of 100% pure Merino wool in the mattress.
  • 30mm natural latex comfort layer
  • Full size pocket spring unit with approximately 338 individually heat tempered encased pocket springs per square metre.
  • Steel edge band prevents movement and maintains the correct flexing action of the springs.
  • Bamboo fabric contains natural antibacterial qualities
  • “Purotex” Probiotic fabric treatment cleans up bed mite allergens and inhibits development of undesirable bacteria and mould.
  • Dust repellant, anti-static fabric helps reduce allergies
  • Available in soft, medium and firm comfort with 3 different spring gauges
  • No foams, polyester filling or glue
  • 10 Year Pro-rata Warranty