About our products

Dreamwool make a fantastic range of top quality beds for your sleeping comfort. We supplement this with bedding products such as customisable pillows, baby mattresses, overquilts and more…

We believe in choice.
If you think of your bed as a cup of coffee, you have a set of choices. First there’s whether you have instant, or plunger or ‘proper’ coffee. Then there’s whether you have it white or black, with or without sugar. Next you can decide between a latte or an espresso or a cappucino or long black.
It terms of beds, you get to decide whether you want firm or soft, how many springs and other factors that can help to customise your bed to you. The size and number of springs has a definite effect on the way your bed feels. So there are many ways we can give you variation in softness within the same quality assurances.

Our beds incorporate what we call ‘sleep technology’. They all use the same amount of pure, thick, resilient Southdown wool to create a common ‘comfort layer’. They feature an easy zip-off top and use natural latex (naturally antibacterial without harmful vapours) and are foam-free and glue-free.

The way we customise the bed is by altering the size and gauge of the springs in the support system to offer a range of feel options. So you can choose a softer or firmer mattress, knowing you’re still getting the same quality and are not compromising on comfort.