Why would you want to spend this much on a bed?


We can be funny creatures. What we want to spend our money on and where we should don’t always match up. But everyone does it. It’s more fun to spend on the things you want than it is on practical necessities, or even saving some. But, unfortunately, beds don’t fall into that fun category. Too many people see them as something you have to have, rather than something that can add real value to your life, give you more energy, help relieve some of those aches and pains we all get as we get older…

…and when you think about the amount of time we spend in bed each night, and how much we feel it if we haven’t slept well… well, enough said.


The average person spends between six and ten hours a day sleeping. You knew that. But have you really thought about it and what that means?

With a weekend sleep-in, that’s probably about sixty odd hours a week. (More time than we spend at work, in fact!) It figures out to around 200,000 hours in bed for the normal person over their expected lifetime.

Now, when you think of it in those terms, making sure you’re sleeping on something comfortable, that helps rather than hinders your body in the resting cycle and that encourages sound, deep sleep is really, really important.

And it’s not as though we’re buying beds every ten minutes. Good beds last for years. We promise a good ten years (at least) out of ours. It’s covered by our warranty.

Let’s do the math. If one of our Queen size HEAVEN beds costs $7,500 (mattress only)  and you can expect it to last 10 years (with a Dreamwool warranty) then that works out just over $2 per day (or night).

Is it worth that for a fantastic sleep? Would you pay that to wake up feeling great the next morning? If you think your coffee to get you started can cost five dollars, isn’t two dollars spent getting a good night’s sleep and waking up feeling great worth it?