What’s the difference between beds?

 Everybody is different…

and that’s why we offer an extensive choice of flexible slatbed mattresses, with a variety of different spring systems to give you the mattress that’s just right for you. These systems are designed to reduce pressure points, stop dreaded ‘roll together’ and help your muscles completely relax.

We have the edge

Every Dreamwool Pocket Spring mattress is built with a spring steel edge band which acts like a chassis in a car – ensuring all the springs of the mattress stay in the right place throughout its life.


Make sure that you and your partner both come to make your selection, and we encourage you to kick off their shoes and try out the mattresses in the showroom. Don’t be shy – lie in the sleeping position you feel most comfortable in, and relax! We’ll help you to choose the Dreamwool mattress that’s just right for you.

So, let’s have a look at our mattresses…

Dreamwool Heaven Mattress

Our Dreamwool Heaven mattress contains around 500 micro pocketsprings per square metre. Each of these springs is individually encased to virtually eliminate partner disturbance. And being smaller, the micro pocket springs conform and fit to your body more closely for greater comfort and support.

Springs extend right to the mattress edge, ensuring the whole sleeping surface is supportive and comfortable, while the spring steel edge band and the full size spring unit ensures optimum spring flex and stability.

All Dreamwool Heaven mattresses have carbon mono-filament yarn woven into the fabric – carbon-mono filament you say? Basically, this yarn has anti-static properties and dust repellent characteristics that reduce allergic reactions to give a better night’s sleep. Ahhhhh.

The Heaven has a fitting feel with the small springs contouring closely to your profile. Depending on your weight and profile you will lie in the mattress depending on the firmness of the springs. You can choose between three levels of support, soft, medium and firm, each with a zip-off wool underquilt. See why we call it Heaven.

Dreamwool Icon Mattress

It’s not often an icon conforms – but conforming to your body is exactly what makes this mattress an Icon. The Dreamwool Icon has around 338 pocket springs per square metre, each individually encased. The springs flex and conform to the body’s contours to reduce pressure points and ensure less partner disturbance. With natural latex and layers of wool in the comfort layers the Icon has a distinctive hand tufted top, in soft, medium and firm support.
All Dreamwool Icon mattresses provide full edge to edge support, giving a larger sleeping surface – great for you to stretch out, or good news for the cat or dog normally banished to the floor perhaps?

Unlike other brands, your Dreamwool Pocketspring mattresses are clipped to a spring steel edge band both top and bottom to prevent the springs from moving about and ensuring the correct flexing action is maintained. We do not encase our spring system in a foam box, this makes our mattresses cooler with better ventilation.
We achieve a different feel with our Pocketspring mattresses because each mattress is different! We keep the comfort layers the same and change the gauge of the wire. The soft mattress runs a lighter gauge of wire than the medium, and the firm a more heavier gauge again. Depending on your profile and weight you will find the perfect comfort and support you have been looking for…

Dreamwool Latex Mattresses

Health and comfort – you can have it all.

Latex is a natural material perfect for providing support in a mattress. Naturally anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic, latex provides a healthy and comfortable sleep. Our slat bed range latex mattresses come in 2 models, the Evolution and Original. Each with 3 different firmness options of soft, medium and firm latex. The Evolution has 180mm of natural rubber latex whereas the Original 150mm. Your comfort is further enhanced with a zip-off woollen underquilt in the Evolution whereas the Original has with a hand tufted wool top.