Why Dreamwool?

For over 40 years the Henderson family has been perfecting the design of premium handmade mattresses. From initial selection of the wool, through to the finishing details, we are constantly striving to produce the finest quality product.

It all started with a simple idea of trying to be more comfortable in bed. Edgar Henderson being an ex farmer with a bad back was waking up stiff and sore in the morning. Thinking back to his farming days he remembered the shearers working hard all day in their old black woollen singlets and how they would wear them in the cooler mornings or in the heat of the afternoon and remain comfortable. The old black woollen singlet was a natural insulator keeping them warm by trapping the air when they were cold and cooler when they were hot by absorbing the heat and perspiration. From this idea come the first Woollen Underquilt or Overlay, transforming overnight the comfort of innerspring mattress with a thick layer of 100% natural Wool. Straight away Edgar noticed his sleep improve, being more comfortable with the gentle warmth that the wool provided helped relieve his stiff back and soreness. This comfort has been enjoyed by many thousands of users since sleeping on a Dreamwool underquilt or mattress.

Customers tell us our mattresses are the best. Perhaps that is because we use only the most natural materials ­ wool and latex. We don’t pad out our mattresses with synthetic foam to cut costs because we don’t believe in compromising or cutting corners. Perhaps that is why our company is still thriving in today’s competitive bedding industry. We are proud of our achievements which include prestigious industry awards.

Many new customers say they have been referred to us by family and friends who have themselves fallen in love with the Dreamwool sleep experience. As one customer said, “Sleeping on a Dreamwool mattress is an experience not to be missed. The only trouble is, after you have experienced Dreamwool, you can never really be comfortable sleeping on anything else again!”

The Secret of a Good Night’s Sleep

At Dreamwool we have spent years perfecting the design of our premium quality mattresses. We believe that the secret of the perfect mattress lies in the compromise between soft surface comfort and underlying support.

Our mattresses all include the latest European spring systems, with different systems designed to suit different individual needs. However, our use of wool is what really makes our mattress stand out above the rest. The generous layers of Merino wool on our mattresses give a level of comfort most people could never imagine existed. Once you have tried a Dreamwool mattress, there really is no turning back.

The wool from the Merino sheep has natural spring-like properties making it the most ideal wool for mattresses. With the large amount of Merino wool used in a Dreamwool mattress, we have graduated the density of the wool fibre into a needled batt of wool. This improves the resilience and comfort, giving a luxury feel and quality of rest that you only get from sleeping on a natural product.

Natures Best

Wool is truly one of nature’s greatest inventions. The natural crimp of the fibre cushions the body in a way that synthetics can only struggle to emulate. Unlike other manufacturers, we never mix our wool with synthetics to pad it out. That might deceive in the showroom, but the difference would be very clear after only a few night’s use.

Wool provides the healthiest sleeping environment. Believe it or not, the average person loses about 200ml to 500ml of moisture in perspiration each night. Unlike synthetics, wool has the natural ability to absorb this moisture and even out your body’s temperature so sleep is not disturbed. Synthetics do not absorb moisture so readily, resulting in fluctuating temperatures and a clammy feeling. Relaxation is disturbed and sleep interrupted.

Dreamwool sleep systems use the technology of nature

The combination of pure Merino wool, natural latex and pro-biotics:

  • Help control humidity and temperature
  • Provide comfortable support without pressure
  • Anti-static, helping you de-stress
  • Dust repellent, reducing likelihood of an allergic reaction
  • Natural Pro-biotic fabric treatment with no harmful chemicals

No wonder you will sleep so soundly on a Dreamwool mattress!

Merino Wool Comfort Layers

At Dreamwool we use only the best quality wool and latest technology in our mattresses. Merino wool known for it’s high quality, comfort and feel, retains its springy texture and does not squash into a solid matt as lower quality wools can.

Other mattress manufacturers try to imitate the feel of top quality wool by mixing lower quality wool with polyester. This could deceive initially, but after a few nights use the difference will be apparent.

The remarkable structure of Merino wool fibre makes it the optimum material for bedding. It draws moisture vapours away from the body, removing clamminess and allowing you to sleep cooler in summer and warmer in winter. To enhance this effect and provide you with the ultimate comfort, we put five times more wool in our mattresses than the required standard. This amount of Merino wool provides superior year round comfort for a better sleep.

Pro-biotic Fabric Treatment

Using all natural Purotex, probiotic micro-organisms we are creating a healthier sleeping environment, reducing dust mite allergens, odors and moulds. The friendly bacteria saturate the fabric outnumbering the competition, preventing noxious bacteria or pathogens from gaining any presence. By moving the sleeper releases the micro-organisms whereupon the bacteria germinate. In this process they absorb a lot of moisture thus depriving dust mites of food and water.

The friendly bacteria is self -regulating to its environmentand and thanks to daily replenishment with new bacteria the cycle never stops. Totally natural non toxic and chemical free.

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Dreamwool beds are natural wool and latex mattresses for comfort and health. Find out more about our products and order from our online bed shops.