Why Pocketspring?


A bed like no other, the Euphoria provides a deep-cushioning, supportive luxury feel with no pressure points. Our best-of-the-best Euphoria offers a feeling of lightness with nurturing comfort like you're sleeping on a cloud. Kilos of fine, breathable Merino wool, all-natural latex and thousands of delicate microcoils combine to give you the most luxurious sleep of a lifetime.


The Paradise is supportive and cushioning with a responsive feel. A luxurious fit with the comfort and breathability of thousands of microcoils, our Paradise has a softer surface with a thick layer of plush latex topped with generous layers of breathable Merino wool for a balanced, reassuring feel.


The Heaven offers a supportive and contouring feel. Similar to the Paradise but with no microcoils for a firmer fit, the Heaven contours to your body with a thick layer of plush latex topped with generous layers of breathable Merino wool.


The Icon contours for a firmer, flexing feel. With all the quality of our full pocketspring range in a streamlined package with a hand-tufted top, the Icon features the comfort of all-natural latex and layers of breathable Merino wool for a supportive and dependable feel.

Complete your Dreamwool mattress experience with a Bella Donna Jersey Stretch Fitted Sheet and a Clima Stretch Mattress Protector. German-made, stretch knit and perfectly breathable with natural cooling properties, they work in perfect harmony with your Dreamwool mattress to provide the ultimate comfort and fit.

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