We provide a range of luxury pillows to complete your perfect sleep experience, available in soft, medium or firm density, and offered in both traditional and neck support shapes.

Merino Pillows

100% Merino Pillow – Especially beneficial for hot sleepers, this pillow is filled with soft clusters of pure Merino wool which adjust and mould to your shape, easily revitalised with a quick fluff-up. Encased in 100% cotton with a zipped end to allow you to customise the amount of wool filling to suit your individual needs.

Latex Pillows

Dreamwool Latex Pillow – All the health and comfort benefits of luxury latex infused with activated charcoal, this pillow offers superior airflow and breathability and a soft and resilient response to give you a perfect balance of comfort and support. For added luxury, this pillow can also be complemented with a layer of soft Merino wool to maximise comfort and temperature control.

Neck Support Pillows

Neck Support Pillow – Shaped latex for proactive neck support all night (soft, medium or firm density), this customizable style has three adjustable chambers of kapok filling and latex fingers. Paired with 100% natural latex, the soft, silky fibres of the tropical kapok tree are the perfect plant-based alternative to down.


Original Woolen Underquilt – Filled with kilos of 100% pure Merino wool, this luxury mattress topper was Dreamwool’s first flagship product when the Henderson family took over the business 50 years ago. For better thermal control and comfort, the Woollen Underquilt can help revive your existing bed with a bit of added luxury.

Levitation Underquilt – All the Merino comfort and luxury of our Original Woollen Underquilt with an additional layer of thousands of microcoils for an added dimension of luxury and superior ventilation.


Mattress Protectors

Offering ideal moisture management and an extra layer of plushness, our certified 100% organic cotton, quilted mattress protectors are chemical-free, breathable, machine washable and easy to fit.

Baby Range

Warmth starts from underneath. Give your baby the best start with the luxurious insulation and comfort of a Dreamwool mattress. The next best thing to the comfort of Mum or Dad, a Dreamwool baby mattress provides your newborn with optimal warmth and support, giving them – and you – a better night’s sleep.


Merino Wool Bassinet Mattress – With over a kilo of pure Merino wool, our hand-tufted Bassinet Mattress cradles your baby for a more comfortable and longer sleep.

Original Cot Mattress – 100mm of natural rubber latex for optimal cushioning and more than 1.5 kilos of pure Merino wool give your child the best warmth, comfort and support. Covered in a hand-tufted, super-stretch bamboo fabric for the classic Dreamwool feel.

Latex & Wool Cot Mattress – A firmer feel with nearly 1kg of pure Merino wool and 100mm of natural rubber latex for support and comfort with a quilted finish.

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