Ergosleep® - P4 Recliner

Top-of-the-line Belgian design to provide a first class foundation for your Dreamwool mattress, the P4 Recliner bed is a fully customizable frame with 4 motors, giving you an unparalleled degree of adaptability which contours perfectly to your body. Moving intuitively with how your body bends, the P4 Recliner’s slats have four height settings with an adjustable head to provide minute comfort adjustment, a back section to give you the ideal angle for maximum comfort and independent upper and lower leg sections to complement your body’s natural movement.

The P4 Recliner comes with a memory remote and zero gravity functions to enable a feeling of complete weightlessness.

Ergosleep® - P1 Recliner

Offering the same top-of-the-line construction as the P4 Recliner but with less customisation, the P1 Recliner bed was created by mapping thousands of sleepers to learn about their individual profiles and create the optimal sleeping position. Providing maximum comfort for a huge range of sleepers, the P1 Recliner offers two motors with adjustable back and leg positions.

Ergosleep® - P4 Customized Frame

A fixed frame with adjustable slats for each partner, the P4 Customized Frame is precisely tailored to you. Its slats have four height settings to match your unique profile, perfectly adjusting to your body’s needs and giving you the best foundation for your new Dreamwool mattress, with the ability to adjust again in the future to accommodate any changes in your life.

Suitable Mattresses

All of the Ergosleep® luxury adjustable beds are perfectly suited to any of our latex mattresses or paired with our specialized Ergosleep® Pocketspring mattress. The result of years of refinement with the soft-touch feels of Danish-made springs, the Ergosleep® Pocketspring provides optimal flex and conformity with kilos of fine, locally sourced Merino wool, all-natural latex and delicate microcoils to give you the most luxurious sleep.

Complete your Dreamwool recliner bed experience with a Bella Donna Jersey Duo1 split Stretch Fitted Sheet and a Clima Stretch Mattress Protector. German-made, stretch knit and perfectly breathable, they work in perfect harmony with Dreamwool luxury adjustable beds to provide the ultimate comfort and fit with natural cooling properties.

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