Flexible Slat Frames

At Dreamwool we believe in matching our mattresses with the European flexible slat system for the ultimate comfort.

Our frames are made with you in mind. Our European flexible slat system provides independent support and comfort that can the matched to your individual body shape to ease pressure points.

The flexible slat system absorbs and supports your body contours in unison with our Dreamwool mattress allowing you to lie into the bed for greater comfort. Like a good pair of shoes that support and cushion your feet all day, the slats respond to your movement by absorbing and rotating on each side adjusting separately for each sleeper.

The look is different, with less bulk your flexible slat base has a modern appearance with a smaller stance in the bedroom. It’s healthier with more light and air circulating under the bed for a dryer and cooler mattress. Slat frames are easily dismantled and can go into rooms where access can be a problem. The slimmer Dreamwool mattress also makes for easier bedmaking.

Our flexible slat frame does more than just support the mattress, it’s designed to support you with individual comfort.

Starting with our minimal design American Oak frame we can option you up to our Ergosleep range of frames and recliner beds that are individually customised with computerised pressure mapping  for each sleeper.