Revolution Mattress


The Dreamwool Revolution is the first luxury latex mattress with 1000’s of Calico covered micro-coil springs in the comfort layers for better ventilation and comfort.

Enjoy the improved sleeping comfort and air flow through the mattress to keep you cooler. Experience the levitating effect of the Calico micro-coil pocketsprings, combined with the luxury of 100% pure Merino wool for full body comfort. Below the comfort layers lies 100% natural latex supporting and conforming to your body. Our sustainable, industry leading, 100% natural latex infused with activated charcoal offers unrivalled plushness and conformity, with the added benefits of being cooler, fresher and cleaner than traditional latex.

Wool’s remarkable structure allows moisture vapour to penetrate it, while at the same time, repelling liquid moisture. It’s absorbent; but allows moisture to readily evaporate. The wool fibre is trapping millions of tiny air pockets, this creates wool’s thermal insulation. So, as you sleep and release moisture vapour, wool responds by absorbing this – giving you a drier, healthier and more comfortable environment in which to sleep.

Every night Spirulina sea vitamins infused into the Tencel fabric are released as an energy booster, to improve skin rejuvenation and the functionality of the immune system.

Feel the difference of a Dreamwool mattress with the Levitation system, there’s no comparison


  • Calico micro coil Levitation system
  • 7500 Calico micro-coil springs inside a Queen size mattress
  • Better air flow
  • 180mm of 100% natural latex infused with activated charcoal
  • Available in 4 densities. 75/85/95 and 110kgs/m3 being soft, medium, firm and super firm density
  • Superior seasonal comfort and health benefits of pure New Zealand Merino wool
  • Queen size mattress contains 9.5kgs of Merino wool, a King size 10kgs & Super King 10.5kgs
  • Latest technology in woollen bedding with better resilience and comfort enhanced with Calico micro-coils
  • Zip off Wool Underquilt for easy airing and cleaning
  • Tencel fabric naturally absorbs moisture and quickly releases it again
  • Stretch fabric enhances the comfort of latex
  • Algua- Fabric treatment. See the website for further information on the Spirulina sea vitamin story
  • Foam & glue free
  • No synthetic fillings
  • 10 Year Pro-Rata Warranty